SMCRoute is a command line tool to manipulate the multicast routes of the Linux kernel. It can be used as an alternative to dynamic multicast routers like 'mrouted' in situations where static multicast routes should be maintained and/or no proper IGMP signaling exists.

Release Changes
Release 0.92 from July 2002 contains the sources and binareies compiled on RedHat 7.2.

Man page

  • fixed the 'mroute: pending queue full, dropping entries' error 

  • Smcroute 0.90 didn't care about the IGMP messages delivered to the UDP socket that establish the MC-Router API. After some time the queue for the sockets filled up and the 'pending queue full' message was send from the kernel. To my knowledge this didn't affect smcroute or the operating system. 
    • version 0.92 reads the ICMP messages now from the UDP socket and logs them to syslog with daemon/debug 
    • smcroute does no further processing of this messages 
  • increased the number of supported interfaces The 16 interface limit of version 0.90 (interfaces as listed with ifconfig) was to small, especially when alias interfaces where defined. 
    • up to 40 interfaces are no recognized by smcroute - this does not change the number of 'virtual interfaces' supported by the kernel (32) 
    • not all interfaces recognized by smcroute (40) results in a 'virtual interface' of the kernel (32)
Release 0.9 from September 2001 contains the sources and binaries compiled on RedHat 7.1.

Man page

  • added MC group join (-j) and leave (-l) functionality  
    • the options enable/disable the sending of IGMP join messages for a multicast group on a specific interface 
  • removed the '<OutputIntf> [<OutputIntf>] ...' for the '-r' option 
    • they are not used by the kernel to identify the route to remove 
    • smcroute will not complain about extra arguments for the '-r' option to stay compatible with releases <= 0.80 
  • improved error handling for some typical error situations 
  • added a test script ( 
  • added a man page 
  • fixed some minor bugs 
Release 0.8 from 2. August 2001 contains the sources and binaries compiled on RedHat 7.1.



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